New website brings projects in Slovakia and in Europe

New website for freelancers with IT projects in Slovakia and across Europe. Tax tips for freelancers. JAVA, .NET, CRM Salesforce and MS Dynamics, and many other technologies.

Our company is dedicated not only to digitization and automation of processes, but also to IT outsourcing. Recently, we at the company thought about how we can make life easier for IT freelancers. The result was the decision to build a new website for them full of useful information. So we rolled up our sleeves and went to work. After a few weeks of work, these days we bring, which is intended for existing IT freelancers or those who play with this idea. What will they find on it?

Our open IT projects in Slovakia and across Europe

They will find interesting projects from various areas of digital transformation, CRM, in technological stacks JAVA, .NET, C #, ANGULAR, REACT, PHP and many others. As they say, everyone will find their own, in which they are an expert or want to develop.

Feelance tax calculators

We have developed freelance calculators for the new website, which will allow freelancers to calculate net annual income and contributions to insurance companies. We often come across a situation where employees think about the transition to a trade and we have prepared a calculator for them, where they can compare the difference in income. All this conveniently, quickly and in one place.

Guides and tips

Each freelancer addresses the issue of taxes, levies and their possible legal optimization. The purpose of the Guides and Tips section is to provide answers to these questions with simple steps and clear information.

In this section, we will also publish information on how to deliver IT services abroad, what requirements the freelancer must meet when delivering IT services, what forms they must fill out, etc. We have many years of experience in this area and we see that it is a complex area where many freelancers need help.

APM Benefits for freelancers

Long-term projects, guaranteed payment on time, assistance with tax and contractual issues, ensuring quality technology is a brief calculation of why work for us and enjoy the benefits of a freelancer and employee security. They will also find News on the web, where other interesting and valuable information, info from the life of APM Digital, etc. await them.

Let us summarise what IT freelancers will find on our new website

  • Open projects in Slovakia and abroad

  • Tax and levy tips

  • Our APM Benefits for IT Freelancers

  • Net income calculators, as well as a comparison of income from trade and employment

If you are an IT freelancer

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