APM Digital Group grows strongly internationally in 2021


The last year was very successful for APM Digital Group despite the Corona situation. Overall, revenue in 2021 grew by more than 30 percent compared to the previous year.

Very successful new partnerships were signed, enabling broader technology coverage.

At this point, APM Digital Group offers IT outsourcing services in 8 countries: Austria, Germany, Slovakia, UK, UAE, Ireland, Hungary and Poland.

Portfolio expanded internationally

APM Digital has been steadily expanding its portfolio and competencies. We offer IT outsourcing services with coverage of various technologies, such as .NET, JAVA, Salesforce, MS Dynamics, PHP, Angular, and many others.

Currently, our services are offered internationally in 8 countries. In addition to Austria, Germany, Slovakia, UK, UAE, Ireland, Hungary and Poland have been added, which we are very proud of.

New partnerships support know-how build-up

"We have concluded new partnerships in 2021 in order to build further know-how and thus quickly develop suitable concepts for our customers," says Marian Jurenka, CEO and founder of APM Digital Group. At the same time, APM Digital stands as a healthy company. It was certified with a high rating by Bisnode and included in the register of solvent companies in Slovakia in the Slovak Economic Newspaper.

Aiming for new business areas and further market share in the region

"In 2022, we want to serve customers in Germany, Austria and Slovakia even more effectively with our IT outsourcing services," says Margareta Cernotova, Sales Manager at APM Digital. This also includes the further automation of our processes.

A new business area is the automation of social media, lead generation in the sales area as well as marketing services for companies. "We see particular potential here to use our experience as an IT service provider. With the knowledge of the market and at the same time a flexible implementation of the solutions, we can act quickly for our customers," adds Marian Jurenka, CEO.

The average duration of projects is 18 months

"Our primary goal is to provide our customers with high quality services. We are very pleased to see that the average duration of projects continues to grow and currently stands at 18 months.

Among other things, this is another noteworthy point that distinguishes us from our competitors.", Cernotova sums up.

We worked almost 100% remotely in 2021

In 2021, the work of IT professionals could again be done almost exclusively remotely. This not only benefits employees. Remote working supports broader recruitment of professionals from around the world.


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