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APM Digital in USA at Standford Research Institute | presenting its Services

Do you know what SRI it actually is?

SRI is a Stanford research institute that boasts many important inventions and technological innovations, including the famous SIRI, virtual reality (VR), LCD displays, and ARPA-NET (the precursor to the Internet).

SRI has been at the forefront of technological innovation for decades. Remarkably, many of the technologies we rely on today originated there. And we were there!

A proud presentation of our efforts

Our recent trip to the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) was not only a journey into one of the cradles of technological breakthroughs, but also a proud moment for our company. We were given an incredible opportunity to showcase our company and the services we offer.

This moment was a testament to our hard work and the cutting-edge solutions we have developed, and showed our place within the global technology landscape.

Talent Discovery | Slovak Student in Silicon Valley

This trip also took us into the world of research. We saw presentations of innovative companies by a number of talented young entrepreneurs from Slovakia, who presented their projects and achievements to us.

Among them, we had the opportunity to meet a talented Slovak student who is working on the development of stem cells. Her story inspired us and reminded us of the importance of supporting the young talent we have in Slovakia.

Slovak talent has its place at the international level!

A look behind the scenes

This trade mission was organised by the Slovak Agency for Investment and Trade Development (SARIO) in cooperation with the Office of the President of the Slovak Republic and the Embassy of the Slovak Republic in Washington. The mission was aimed at strengthening economic ties between Slovakia and the United States.

Being a part of it was a unique opportunity for us to represent the innovative abilities not only of us as a company, but also of Slovakia as a whole.

"We are grateful for this opportunity that SARIO and the Office of the President of the Slovak Republic provided us with, thanks to which we could experience all of this first-hand. The valuable knowledge and the many new important contacts we brought back from this trip are also of great benefit to us. "



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