Instantly tailoring ads based on customer behaviour is no longer science fiction

Salesforce Genie - the first real-time CRM platform delivers unique benefits that won't leave any professional marketing team cold. The ability to analyze customer behavior directly over time is a huge value-add that greatly helps make your online ads as effective as possible.

Advertising studio in Salesforce offers, among other things, three basic features:

Creation of an advertising audience

With Advertising Audiences, you can use data from Marketing Cloud to create target audiences on various platforms - Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat. You can also leverage partner networks such as Audience Studio, LiveRamp, LiveIntent, Viant and Neustar.

Running advertising campaigns

Create ad audiences in Journey Builder for Facebook, Google Ads, LinkedIn, Twitter or Pinterest. Create campaigns directly in Journey Builder.

Acquiring leads in Advertising Studio

Ak chcete prepojiť potenciálnych zákazníkov z reklamy na Facebooku alebo Google s rozšíreniami údajov v službe Marketing Cloud alebo objektmi potenciálnych zákazníkov v službe Sales Cloud, použite funkciu Lead Capture v aplikácii Advertising Studio.


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