Save costs with Automation

Automation saves you considerable amount of costs and has high Return on Investment. Contact us for free consulting hour and learn how we can help you to get ahead of competition.

Do you waste time on boring repetitive tasks?

With our platforms we can automate great amount of office tasks so you can focus your employees on other activities. You save costs and achieve much better data quality.

Automation can help everywhere

  • Human Resources

    HR department guides an employee during the whole employment.

    Robots can help screen CV, extract information, fill in forms, store documents, process monthly reports, help during onboarding, off boarding process and much more.

  • Finance

    Finance departments in every company must very often accomplish manual and time consuming tasks.

    Robots can simplify invoice processing, reports, payment collection, bank account transactions, and much more. 

  • Customer Callcenters

    Customer callcenters  struggle with amount of communication and often need to process large amount of requests. Agents need to have current overview of logistics. Automation makes your CRM actionable, can collect data for agent and much more. 

  • Legal

    Legal departments have to handle lot of paperwork, collect historic communication with clients, handle large amount of scans, store and retrieve documents to cases. Robots can simplify this considerably and reduce frustration of lawyers. 

Our Robot SAM explains how automation can 
improve your office.



Automation of Workflows

We automate your business with modern platforms to make your processes faster, repeatable and to save you money.

You can achieve considerable integrations in short amount of time and completely remove manual actions.

Robotic Process Automation

Robotic process automation steps in when legacy systems are involved, which do not support modern integration layers. With this technology robot simulates human interaction on front end and can accomplish tasks. 

Office 365, Salesforce, MS Dynamics 365

We simplify and automate workflows based on Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and over 200 integrated systems. 

We integrate with cloud bases systems, on-premise solutions and also legacy applications.


Automation platforms for large corporates

As Microsoft partner experienced with cloud infrastructure we are able to execute and automate also using platforms from Microsoft. Our experienced developers certified in Microsoft technologies can support you also in business application development, if the need occurs, so you have all from one hand.


Reduced Cost

Your employees can focus on tasks with higher value and leave manual tasks on robots.

High ROI

Robotic Process Automation allows you to achieve very hight ROI in short time, within first year.

Data Quality

With removal of manual error prone work you achieve much higher data quality in a fast way.

Fast Processes

With robotic automation you can increase speed of your process considerably.


Automation robots can operate 24x7 continuously without interruption and interruptions.


Should the workload get larger than usually, it is easy to increase number of robots to handle the load.

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