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Automate and save costs

Automation helps you to achieve cost savings, speed up office work and simplify work with CRM.

Automation  benefits

Save time and effort

Do not waste time on boring repetitive taks

With our platforms we can automate great amount of office tasks so you can focus your employees on other activities. You save costs and achieve much better data quality.

Photo processing

Ensure data quality

Collect and process data automatically 

Robotic process automation can collect all data you need from systems autonomously, transform the data as you need, store them in CRM and send it to defined audience. All with high precision.

What do we automate

Office workflows and CRMs

We automate workflows in office, process mail communication, extract data from documents, create reports, store documents, communicate via Teams and much more. 

Modern Office
Using Mobile Phone

Human interactions on social networks

Our bots can simulate communication of humans, approach large audiences with personalised messages and process large campaings.

Office work automation showcase

Our bot SAM shows office automation

Following short video shows automations of office activities with use of AI. Our bot SAM explains how to train AI on a simple scenario.

Looking for different use case? Contact us!


Our expert will capture your requirements and consult you on the next steps. 

Looking for a demo?

Contact us!


You can have a in-house demo of sample implementations to give you better idea.

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