EURO Implementation Within

Slovakian Branch of Austrian Raiffeisen Group

Our Project Managers were responsible for Dual Pricing functionality implementation within multiple banking systems, as well as ensuring currency conversion from local SKK currency to EUR in a Slovakian branch of Austrian Raiffeisen Group.

Automation of Mortgage Underwriting. Time to Yes/Cash Reduction

Our Project Managers implemented Oracle BPM Suite within Slovakian bank, implemented measurement of the current process, automated manual tasks and interfaces to Slovak Credit Bureau and Social Insurance Company, speeded up the whole process. Time to Yes was reduced to average 24 hrs. Time to Cash was also considerably reduced.  


PTC Product Lifecycle Management SW Customisation for Volkswagen 

Our experts co-worked on customisation of PLM SW at Volkswagen in Wolfsburg, Germany. Project took 1 year and customisation was performed with C/C++ technologies. 


Automated Scoring Engine for Car insurance Company 

We were leading implementation of automated scoring engine for 3rd largest car insurance company in Slovakia. Part of the service was management of multiple external suppliers with Time and Material / Fixed price contract models, leading of Steering Committees with Senior Management, Risk Analysis and Management and other Project Management Tasks.


Application for Health & Safety for 2nd Largest German Utility Company

Our project managers lead development  of application for Health and Safety area for 2nd largest Utility Company in Germany. Application is used to report incidents happening in the process of building and operation of wind and solar power plants on the see.
The application development was done in a mixed team at supplier in Slovakia and n Off-Shore Vietnam, to reduce the overall cost for the client. All communication and planning was facilitated by experts in our company 

Asset Management SW Integration in Eastern Slovak Utility Company

Our experts lead project with aim to implement IBM Maximo asset management SW in utility company in Slovakia. Work efficiency was increased with mobile tablets, where  electricians  received their work assignments and evaluated actual status of the devices directly in the field. Paperless process lead to higher quality of data and better cost planning. 

Project was presented on Next Generation Utilities Conference in Barcelona and in the USA 2 years later. 


Intranet Digital Workplace for Utility Provider in Germany Developed with CMS Sitecore

For a large  utility provider in Germany our experts fulfilled roles of Product Owners and Project Managers when delivering Digital Workplace project used within a group in 7 countries. During the project CMS platform Sitecore was set up, contractual model for agile sprint delivery with external suppliers was co-designed , agile teams with suppliers from CEE region were ramped up and project was delivered with success. In 2nd phase of the project content personalisation logic was designed and implemented, which allows internal content subscription as well as targeted content distribution across whole group. 

As side benefit the old platform is to be discontinued. 

Application is used in 6 countries as of now: Germany, Netherlands, Czechia, Slovakia, Hungary, Uk, Poland.

Content Hub for 2nd largest Utility Provider in Germany

As Product Owners we are delivering together with our client state of the art Content Hub for engaging content marketing. Delivery is done with agile teams from CEE region. Integration of Google Analytics for analytical input is part of the scope.

Content Hubs:

The increasing amount of content in the Internet makes users very selective and average user spends very low time on particular websites. If he does not find what he is looking for, he is leaving in a very short time. Companies are establishing so called Content Hubs, which are used for targeted content marketing over SEO.  Key part of content hubs is of course engaging content, which is substantial to attract customer.  

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