Working from Home

For freelancers

We provide freelancers working with us multiple benefits not available on Slovak market, allowing them to work without fear of finance loss in this turbulent time. Join our growing team and leverage from the benefits as well.


  • Continuous projects

    We provide our freelancers with projects with average duration of 6 months and longer in Slovakia and abroad. If your project should come to an end, we will certainly find you following one without interruption and gap in your income. 

  • Tax and law advisory

    As freelancer you experienced it is not easy to orient himself in all the rules. We will consult you in tax and contractual issues. With us you can be sure, that you do not violate any rule when delivering services abroad and in Slovakia.

  • Social and health insurance

    We will ensure communication with social and health insurance institutions, also on your behalf in Slovakia and abroad. We will help you to identify and fill in all legal documents needed for compliant service delivery, like A1 form and others.

  • Stability

    We are convinced, that if you deliver quality work you should get paid on time. In case the client should be delayed with payment to our agency, we will pay you the invoiced amount based on original schedule also for longer period.

Be part of our growing team

We are growing rapidly and we want you to be part of our team as well. We offer you young team, superb working environment with lot of fun and a helping hand if needed. 

In our company you are a person and not a number, as with others.

Continuous projects

If one of your projects end, we will find you another one. Avoid gaps in your income.