APM Digital in major Slovak economic newspaper. High rating reconfirmed by Bisnode despite COVID-19.

For the second year in a row, the rating agency Bisnode confirmed the high rating in the economic newspaper Hospodárske Noviny and included the Slovak IT company APM Digital in the Register of Solvent Companies in Slovakia.


CEO, IT provider - high rating confirmed

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High rating confirmed

It thus confirmed its strong growth potential. For completeness, in the previous year of awarding an eponymous agency to APM Digital Evaluation AA based on the evaluation of its financial results as well as the appreciation of a significant economic result and good payment discipline.

"It's an excellent result, which, of course, makes us very happy. I want to thank our entire team for a great job. Even during a pandemic, we were able to focus on the needs of our clients and respond flexibly to them. This allows us to achieve growth even during the year, which was strongly marked by COVID ", says Marian Jurenka, CEO of the company.

IT Outsourcing and consulting services on an international scale

"Our company provides IT outsourcing services for clients from Germany, Austria and Switzerland (DACH region), Czech Republic and Slovakia. Thanks to our many years of experience and a strong network in these countries, we are able to deliver quality services through our team of experienced IT specialists," said Margaréta Černotová, Sales and HR manager of the company.

We build agile IT teams for our clients. Sometimes we also provide individual programmers when the customer is interested in this type of service. In addition to the countries mentioned above, we are also building teams in Vietnam and, more recently, in Poland, Hungary and the United Arab Emirates.

"In everyday contact with our clients, our goal is to build good relationships and trust, because these are the basic attributes that we value highly. Our motivation is to offer the highest quality services, manage digital transformation in the face of exciting market changes and we are committed to providing the best customer experience ", added Marian Jurenka.

We also provide IT consulting for the transformation and optimization of offices using current digital technologies, such as cloud technology and artificial intelligence. We propose complex solutions to clients that significantly speed up their business processes and through automation reduce routine and manual activities in everyday office work. In this way, we have achieved a 100% paperless office internally, which we are very proud of from an ecological point of view.

Strong growth in the pandemic period and flexibility

"The company has achieved very strong growth in recent months. We have achieved this by expanding our portfolio of services and streamlining internal processes. The sales and HR team significantly influenced the company's transformation, while in cooperation with the IT department we automated a number of activities ", continues Margaréta Černotová.

“We have achieved a high degree of flexibility in the company when employees can work fully from the home office. We go to our offices primarily so that our social ties are not broken. All this shows us that we are on the right track at APM Digital, "says Marian Jurenka.

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