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APM Digital in Silicon Valley | As part of the delegation of the President of the Slovak Republic

We recently had the incredible opportunity to be part of a Slovak delegation led by the President of the Slovak Republic, Zuzana Čaputová, on an exclusive trade mission to San Francisco.

"It was a real honour for us as we were one of the few Slovak companies selected from over 1500 applicants. We were extremely pleased with our participation and we are going to make the best use of this experience."

New opportunities at hand: Contacts with entrepreneurs and investors in Silicon Valley

This trade mission allowed us to meet a number of prominent entrepreneurs and investors operating in Silicon Valley, which opened up new opportunities for us in the foreign market.

We discussed cooperation and financing opportunities and gained new perspectives and suggestions for our future actions.

Journey to San Francisco: Exploring the Innovation World

The first stop of our mission was the Stanford Research Institute (SRI - a research organization that specializes in scientific research and technology development in various fields, including information technology or artificial intelligence), where we had the opportunity to represent the innovative capabilities of Slovakia, especially in the field of information technology with a focus on artificial intelligence (AI).

We had the honour to present our company and our services at this institute. It was an exciting experience where we were able to share our vision and goals with other entrepreneurs and innovators.

In addition, we learned about the emergence of disruptive technologies that have impacted the modern world. We learned about the history of the development of SIRI, ARPANET and LCD displays, which were developed at this very institute.

Silicon Valley: the Technological Epicentre

Visiting companies in Silicon Valley, including Google, gave us a glimpse into the heart of the technological revolution.

We had the opportunity to discuss our experiences with artificial intelligence with key Google executives, as well as the future of technology and artificial intelligence.

"At Google, they shared with us the news they have coming up and we have to admit that the future of technology looks really interesting."

Exclusive talk with the President of the Slovak Republic: A deeper look into our company

Margaréta Černotová, Sales Director of APM Digital, had the opportunity to meet the President of the Slovak Republic, Zuzana Čaputová, in person several times during her visit to the USA. They discussed our company and our future goals. We were very pleased and inspired by her human approach and interest in our business.

Her support strengthened our belief in our vision and goals, which we are determined to pursue, especially in the field of generative AI - AI for EVERYONE.

"Finally, we would like to express our gratitude to SARIO for their support and assistance in our participation in this mission. This opportunity opened doors to the USA and allowed us to gain valuable experience and contacts for our future goals."




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